The Coca-Cola Company 1999-2010

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From 1999 until 2010, The Coca-Cola Company has done some fantastic redesigning of their website. Considering the limited technology from the 90’s compared to today, Coke made use of what they had and designed their webpage with little more than a navigating menu, its disclosure statement, and a logo. “Now and Always” was the company’s slogan and this is where the eyes are primarily drawn to after the Coca-Cola bottle in the upper right corner. As you can see below, there are not too many focal points and we can assume the designing they did was not to look the most aesthetically pleasing, but to help users obtain information about their company such as the Coca-Cola Foundation or frequently asked questions.
Looking at competition that Coke had around 2010, we can see how drastically updated their user website had become. There are bolder colors as well as a depth aspect to seem three-dimensional. In addition to their easy-maneuvering menu, they included distinct focal points as you can see below. They advertise all the different types of Coke they sell, like Diet Coke or Coke Zero. Also, their disclosure statement is “Stay Extraordinary” in all capital letters. With the introduction of social media, Coca-Cola includes means of communication from the consumer with an option to apply for careers, shop, and access your Coke rewards. This was not imaginable in 1999, but with the advancement in graphic design it became entirely possible to out-perform your competitors simply with features on your website. Their simple yet clever design is straight-forward and makes for a clean, pleasing look. Yet, the website is even more informative than prior years which helps it stand out compared to competition and sales. They had not yet incorporated the use of videos or interactive features this year but the 2020 website sure is engaging.
Regarding the consumption part of the circuit of culture, Coke has always tried to stand out and prove to consumers that their product is the best and will continue to be the best. They wrote to their share owners in 2010, “I see a dynamic company, always moving to anticipate and meet the present and future desires of customers and consumers, always in a state of becoming”. In addition to this, Coke appealed to millions around the world by celebrating and taking part in the 2010 FIFA World Cup celebration. K’NAAN released a song for the Coca-Cola campaign called ‘Wavin’ Flag – Coca-Cola Celebration Mix’ which was released to over one-hundred fifty markets and was considered the anthem for Coke during this period of time. So, with a progressed website and sponsorships to world organizations, Coca-Cola’s sales increased dramatically from almost one billion dollars to over thirty-five billion dollars. Consumption of Coke products skyrocketed to say the least, and it was due to the company’s constant up-keep with trends and marketing.
From 1999-2010, Coca-Cola maintained a position of one of the world’s leaders in soft beverage sales, and we can see today that they have not laid up one bit. Their advancement in graphic design was incredible. They went from a couple different fonts, sizes, and graphics to a realistic and practical website.

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