Fox’s Change Overtime from 1996-2012

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Since 1996 Fox News has provided a network to where you can watch daily and current news or read about it online. The network operated under the Fox Entertainment Group, the film and television division of Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox. Fox has served the United States for quite some time now and has developed a great amount overtime. Fox outlets includes its own channel on television, an app, and a website. Fox’s website has seen dramatic changes both with appearance and the vast variety of news it shares. The website itself was launched on October 7, 1996 with the official address being  

In the picture you see below is a screenshot from what the Fox website looked like on February 4, 1997. This image is from the WayBack Machine which is used to find what websites looked like at a certain time. The first thing that catches the human eye is the red bold lettering they have for what looks like is a current event that had just happened in 1997. Next you notice the dark tone of the Fox News logo. It’s a sleek red with an either dark gray or black undertone which really makes the paper pop. Another thing is the colors of the page itself. Since we are in the United States of American, they used the colors of the American flag, which are red, white, and blue. It is very patriotic in a sense and it also gives us the clue of which country and audience it is for and popular. Internationally Fox News is now providing service in 86 countries around the world.  

Screenshot by WayBack Machine

In another screenshot (bottom of the paragraph) you will see Fox News front page on February 4, 2012 also co captured by the WayBack Machine. This image is exactly 15 years later then the on above. The logo is very different then the 1997 logo. In 2012 it is red, white, and blue instead of that dark grey/black and red. With this new logo we see an added section for it to say, “.com” in bold white letters with a red backdrop. Going back to the letters, they are all white instead of being mixed. There is still the image on the logo that still looks like headlights aimed up at the sky, but there is what looks like the start of a circle. I am assuming this is to represent the world since Fox is becoming an international outlet. Also, underneath the 2012 logo is saying, “Fair & Balanced” which you do not find around the 1997 logo. With the page itself we see that there is showing of the stock market, a new color scheme, and more sections to open then the seven the 1997 page had.  

Screenshot by WayBack Machine

On the top of the 2012 image, you also see when specific news anchors were airing on live television. Two of the tabs you can see are “U.S.” and “World”. With the “U.S.” it will show you everything news related to the United States. On the other hand, when dealing with the tab called “World” is takes you to all news and articles related to other countries. The main page is mainly the most popular or new articles they have just posted. It can also be new current events and breaking news articles. Overtime the webpage has become more appealing to the everyday viewer. 

Screenshot by WayBack Machine
Screenshot by WayBack Machine

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