The development of Amazon from 1995-2005

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Jeff Bezos created the beginnings of amazon in July of 1994, when he began to gather ideas for possible names. Originally, Amazon was named “Cadabra”, but after contemplation named it Amazon due to the background that the Amazon had abundance and grandeur. The first website was created and launched in July of 1995 a year later and was actually originally an online bookstore. The logo was a big “A” with a river going down it, and the site was meant for buying books, searching millions of titles by author, name, subject, title, and included a personal notification service that customers could converse with. The site also includes a link to customer reviews, where customers could review books and leave comments, reflecting the new world of online conversations that could now be held on public sites. Another cool aspect of the site was that customers could make their own account, reflecting e-commerce sites today where customers can create an account to look at past orders or status of orders. 

By 2005, the site went through several changes. By this time, the logo for Amazon is the logo that we see today in 2020 on the current Amazon site. Tabs were a big addition in the early 2000’s previous to 2005, but beginning 2005, tabs were kept to a minimum. These tabs were the homepage, “your store” and another tab leading to all 31 product categories. The Amazon Prime service was actually created in 2005, and ads were a main part of the main homepage. As created before, customers have access to their own account, with the addition of a cart page that is present in e-commerce websites currently, and a wish list for future purchases. The biggest development that changed from 1995 to 2005 was that Amazon now sold all kinds of items and materials, not only books. This ranged, but was not limited to, apparel, books, electronics, beauty, new stores, and countless other categories that customers could shop from. The site also includes the use of side tabs or links, that easily list out all of the main and sub categories for shoppers. Overall, the development of Amazon from 1995 to 2005, in the span of 10 years, was tremendous. These developments, of course, kept growing exponentially in terms of the face of Amazon to what the website is today, which marks one of the biggest e-commerce websites that the internet has to offer today. 

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