Twitch Users Working Within Community Guidelines

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The website Twitch is one of the largest online streaming platforms on the world wide web, racking in around 140 million users and counting. Twitch has taken off because of it’s easy and cost free accessibility, anybody with a device and the ability to connect to the internet can use the platform. Consumers using twitch can watch their favorite streamers, stream their own content, and interact through chat rooms with other users. Twitch also provides a way for creators to profit from content they create through subscriptions to their channel, donations from consumers, and sponsorships. Twitch however only allows their users to create and interact with content if they abide by their community guidelines. Twitch has community guidelines set in place to allow for their platform to be safe for all users, this entails no hate speech, no cheating, self harm, no nudity, and more that can be harmful to other users. 

As millions of creators and users utilize the online streaming platform everyday, one might ask how the website enforces their restrictions. Twitch uses a report system that all users have access to within the website. If a viewer finds content that breaks community guidelines it is sent directly to the Twitch content analysis team that begins  an investigation on the incident. Twitch also uses a technology that alerts them if a creator or commenter uses vulgar language, self destructive language, language intended to threaten others, and all the rest found on their community guidelines. Once the Twitch team is made aware of content that breaks community guidelines, they begin to investigate each incident and make sure the reports are faithful. If the report is accurate the team then begins to assess punishment, such as banning the user or creator from using Twitch for a certain amount of time or sometimes eternity. 

Twitch has some of the most popular streamers in the world, bringing in millions of viewers to not only their streams but to the website. Yet, Twitch isn’t shy to enforce their community guidelines on the “top dogs”. For example, one of the most famous gaming streamers on twitch named Tfue used a racial slur in one of his streams, the company quickly reacted to the situation and banned him for 30 days. Another famous example was when a famous ASMR streamer Amouranth was playing with her dog on stream and had a wardrobe malfunction, sending some of her viewers into a craze. She was quickly reported by viewers and eventually banned for breaking community guidelines. These examples show that Twitch doesn’t care how many viewers a streamer brings to their website, they want their community guidelines followed and they will punish whoever doesn’t follow them.

As Twitch continues to grow popularity in the new wave of online streaming, they will not stop enforcing community guidelines. Using effective techniques such as reporting and flagging of inappropriate content has maintained a safe community for all users.  This is an effective way to maintain maximum viewers from all age groups and keep a positive company image and bring in new users to the website. 

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