YouTube and their restrictions

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Youtube’s restrictions:

YouTube is one of the biggest video streaming platforms on the web today and can be accessed by mostly anyone. If you have an internet connection and a computer then YouTube is yours to use. However, there are many restrictions placed on the content and content creators who use the platform. Through ads and sponsorships, YouTube is a great platform for content creators to post on and make a lot of money if they have a big following. This money is not always guaranteed, however. Many different restrictions and rules placed by YouTube can take away a creator’s ability to make money on their site. Pornography, graphic violence, hate speech and adults participating in dangerous activities minors can easily imitate violate the YouTube guidelines and are among the many things that they can strip a creator’s ability to make money for. Many different creators are forced to have age-restrictions on their videos if they are performing anything that could be harmful to or easily imitated by minors. There are many instances where YouTube has done this to its creators for even just drinking alcohol or talking with foul language.

This has happened recently to a creator named Steve-Will-Do-it. He makes videos where he drinks alcohol, uses foul language and often confesses to his viewers that he is a minor. This creator had his revenue stunted by age restrictions and was eventually banned from making money on the YouTube platform. This was one of many instances where YouTube’s guidelines were breached, and the company had to step in and place penalties on its creators. YouTube can spot these videos that violate their guidelines through automated flagging, human detection and different agencies that tell the company when a video is committing a violation. This flagging can also be used against the platforms users as well. YouTube uses its flagging system to track what is said in the comment section, so users are not completely safe from being removed. As the use of hate speech and profanity is against the content creator guidelines, it is against its user agreement as well. Users can be banned from the site for certain amounts of time and sometimes restricted from ever going on the platform again. 

            There are also many other ways that YouTube restricts its creators and viewers. There are many videos that cannot be accessed by people in separate countries and regions of the world depending on their culture and the specific guidelines they have. When accessing content through the platform in the United States, there may be videos from other countries you are unable to watch. Through different laws and customs in each culture, YouTube restricts its users in regional ways as well.

            As a platform, YouTube is seen as one of the biggest video streaming services in the world. They assume the responsibility of taking down videos/comments that could be harmful to its viewers. Through restricted access and flagging programs, YouTube has the ability to control what is put on their platform by their users.

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