Linkedin Premium: Pay to Succeed

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The networking site Linkedin is a critical resource for people searching for jobs and making connections with other young professionals. A user creating a profile adds personal information, like prior employment and education. Users can search for other users and send them invitations to connect, or follow certain businesses or professionals who post on the site.

Linkedin is regulated with many rules, there is a private mode that users can browse in when they look at other people’s profiles. There are many well-made job pages, posted by numerous companies. Job postings contain a lot of information, but with the Premium membership, more job postings are available, and with more information, like discovering salaries. Springing for Linkedin premium opens up a lot of opportunities that people using the base Linkedin don’t have access to.

Sometimes, companies ‘promote’ certain jobs, to encourage applications. A users’ profile is used to track relevant information, like whether or not alumni of the same university have had positions in the company before. A premium subscription can also allow you to see how you compare to other applicants when you apply to a job.

Your connections are important, by finding people that you know on Linkedin, you can invite them to ‘connect’ with you, fully accessing their profiles and having them in your network. The main restriction of accessing other people’s profiles, and making connections with them, is that Linkedin requires members to accept invites to message them, unless you are a premium member.

Linkedin Learning intends to capitalize on individuals who want to learn new skills to add to their profile. A subscription to Linkedin Learning is included in the premium subscription. Linkedin Learning is a large collection of courses available for free during the first month, then requires a fee or a premium membership. Learning is an important tool because ‘Skills’ are displayed on the user profile, which recruiters can view to determine the strengths of an applicant.

Overall, the premium membership is a very valuable tool to make the most out of Linkedin, young professionals can view a lot more information and access tools that will make their job search more successful.

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