Restrictions and Availability on Patreon

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I will be exploring the ways that Patreon and its services are provided to both the subscriber and the content creator on both ends of the spectrum. For the restrictions set for creators looking to sell subscriptions, there are three tiers that require different monetary price. For example, the tiers are “Lite”, “Pro”, and “Premium”. The Lite tier is for those who are looking to focus on growing their fanbase. The Pro tier is for those who are looking to build and grow an existing business with simple tools. Finally, the Premium tier is for those who have already established and thriving businesses and looking to provide further subscription methods. Each of these tiers are only made available to content creators through different ways of payment. However, the resources available to creators are all accessible, with different communities geared towards each person’s specialty. The most restricted access are presented towards the subscriber who browse different creator pages and look to subscribe to certain tiers themselves. This system is so unique, particularly due to the fact that the creators can set prices and contents within each tier that they make available. For example, in the visual art category, a creator named Love Soup has 406 patrons, all distributed throughout three different tier levels. For example, the first tier is set for $6 per month, then jumping to $16 and $18. The more expensive tiers are for those that subscribe for physical copies of art prints and goods, and for those that are international. The demographics within the subscribers groups also play a huge part within this subscription service. Patreon can prove to be a great way for content creators to promote themselves and establish business, while subscribers can work to support these creators and branch out to different communities. With both subscribers and creators working together, patreon purely relies on these two groups of people in the e-commerce world, navigating price restrictions and different resources based on price and devotion. 

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