Bad Luck Brian

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The Bad Luck Brian memes had started probably a decade ago. Unfortunately, there was nowhere with exact information on the memes start up. When this all started the friend of Kyle “Bad Luck Brian” Craven calls him late at night saying that he had made Kyle internet famous. The friends name is Ian Davies and he took Kyles yearbook photo from high school and posted it with the saying, “Takes driving test . . . gets first DUI.” This meme is blonde kid wearing a light blue polo underneath of a hideous red sweater vest, giving off the goofiest, braces-laced smile. Bad Luck Brian is not meant for a certain group or anything like that either. It here for everyone and to make everyone laugh.

We notice a huge surge of these memes popping up all over social media platforms like Instagram and Vine. They then took completely over the entire internet. Then it immediately became popular on this application called Reddit.

Reddit is where users votes would simply increase a single post’s popularity. Therefore it did not take long for Bad Luck Brian to become an Internet sensation. Kyle Craven’s face appeared on other apps like Facebook, also blogs and advertisements. There were thousands of shirts with his photo that were being sold at Walmart and Hot Topic. Companies were also making Bad Luck Brian paperweights and Bad Luck Brian stuffed animals as well. He became so popular he was being flown to Internet conventions all across the country.

Kyle has been consistently asked to let people use his picture for advertisements in multiple big time countries like Germany, Chile, Poland and Puerto Rico. Here, Kyle has been part of ad campaigns for companies including Volkswagen and RealPlayer. He does all his own negotiations for his deals himself. Between licensing deals and shirts, he is estimated to have made between $15,000 and $20,000 off Bad Luck Brian in three years. The Bad Luck Brian meme was also not just funny, but was also abused by huge companies without asking for permission.

Overall, Bad Luck Brian has become a huge internet sensation even though it has died out a little every once and a while you will see one meme of his that pops up.

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