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Music has always been such an important aspect of life and has led people to many different opportunities. The internet has since made those opportunities easier to grasp and allow more people to share their passion with others. Over time many apps and platforms have allowed music to be more accessible for individuals all over the world, more specifically, Soundcloud has allowed people to create, share and find the latest music in simple ways. So how exactly did people pursue their passions for music before the internet? And how have platforms like SoundCloud and others allow the music industry to grow and develop? The internet has completely revolutionized music and the role music plays in individuals’ lives. Since the beginning of time, music has been used for events and celebrations and helped bring people together. It has since evolved; the function of music transitioned from celebrations to pursuing careers, teaching others, and allowing for many more creative opportunities in the world. These platforms have allowed the broadcasting and production of music to be transformed.  

Before the internet existed, music and the composition of music had always been desirable for people all over the world. Accessing and producing music was more difficult but it did not stop the spread. For music to become popular it was important for the artist to sign a record label and use a recording studio. This would allow the music to play on the radio or air on television and be shared with more people. If the artist did not have access to that they would do live street performances in their city and hope for the right people to find them. Live performances were an easy way to share one’s talent but exceedingly difficult to share beyond the city itself. The ways in which music was listened to was ever evolving for an extended period. The phonograph was one of the early inventions which allowed sound and music to be played for people. It later developed and turned into a record player. In between this time the radio began to broadcast music as well. This all later developed into CDs being shared and passed around. Boombox’s became popular and other sound systems as well. While these all developed, they never became as efficient as what the internet allowed for. These sound systems and ways of producing and sharing music limited artists and restricted the amount of music that could be played.

Many platforms and apps have been developed to share and stream music; however, SoundCloud is one of the most unique ones created. SoundCloud not only allows the user to find and listen to recent music but also allows the users to upload their own music. This platform sparks creativity in many ways. SoundCloud was launched in 2007 and has evolved ever since. The app allows individuals to find the latest music, create playlists, and listen to podcasts. SoundCloud also displays remixes of songs and lets users create mashups for the other listeners. Users could choose what type of music they listened to and not be stuck with what the radio was playing at that time. Not only is the app great for listening to music but it is also great to release your own. Many young aspiring artists can use this platform to get a start on their passion. They can upload their music to this app and share with their friends and other people all over the world. While artists cannot directly record their music into the app, artists can easily upload their music and hope for their tracks to become popular. SoundCloud has completely changed the lives of some artists and has brought them to fame. Back in 2015, Post Malone uploaded his song “White Iverson” and became a sensation. The track had millions of views and led Post Malone to record deals and fame. This app was able to broadcast music in ways that led artists to special opportunities.

Since the spark of the internet, platforms, and apps such as SoundCloud changed the culture of music. Music is now being broadcast in such simple ways. Artists could now stream their music to thousands at just a click of a button. Music can connect people in more ways than ever before. The internet has allowed the consumption of music to be made easy. People can listen anywhere they want. There is no need to wait for a specific song to be played on the radio, now anyone can pick the song they want to hear at that moment of time.  

The internet did not only spark opportunities for music and those producing it, but it also transformed the lives of many. It has allowed people to develop new passions and create connections with others. The desire for music from people all over the world continues to grow, which is capable through these platforms created due to the advancements of the internet.  

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