The Airline Industry Before the Internet

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Many of us today do not think twice about the process of going to a new country or maybe even state. What we do is, book a ticket, make a reservation for lodgings, pack our luggage then we’re off. However, was it always that easy? The obvious answer, no, it was not. The technological advances that came with the internet made almost every fathomable aspect of our lives that much easier. The internet touches our lives in ways as simple as a google search to look up new words, to organizing transportation to a country half way across the globe. In this essay, we will be looking at how the internet affected the airline industry and what the industry was before it.

Before the internet, international travel, and all travel involving an airplane, was pretty difficult. It wasn’t as simple as pulling out your phone, and booking a flight to almost any destination in the world. Instead, you had to call a travel agent ahead of time to review ticket prices, availability, and seat information. Then you’d have to actually go to the airline’s office to purchase the tickets. A lot of the time, this would take a day if not multiple days, and planning prior to even getting a ticket. This alienated a lot of people who either didn’t have connections or just weren’t experienced enough to make that sort of purchase. 

The internet presented a new wave of opportunities to airlines as well as passengers. Now, the need for a travel agent has virtually diminished. Booking a flight has never been easier for passengers. Now, through the beauty of websites, a passenger has the option of multiple airlines, each with different destinations and prices that fit the passenger’s needs. This also benefits the airline as well. Now, many passengers who didn’t have the connections to ticket agents or did not know how to navigate the whole ordeal, can now travel whenever they want. Airlines are now taking on more passengers and because of this airlines are selling more tickets and selling them at a cheaper price than before the internet. Air travel is no longer seen as a luxury to the financially blessed. Any college student can now go on a spontaneous trip to tour Europe, help do charity work in Central America, or report on conflicts within the Middle East. The internet has not only helped the airline industry advance, but it has helped connect the world as a whole.

A lot has changed over the past 40 years. With the advancement of technology, various facets of our lives have become so much simpler. Air travel has never been more accessible and easy to navigate. Gone are the days of stressing whether there is a seat available for the flight you want. Now you can check all of that right from the booking within a matter of minutes. It is clear to see that the internet has completely revolutionized the airline industry to what we know it as today.

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