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The Production of 3617 Euridile

In 1988, 3617 Euridile was launched when Minitel was becoming popular and many producers were jumping on the opportunity to create a service that provided financial information from French companies. Some of these producers were INPI, SCRL, and the Registry of Commercial Courts (FOENIX-RIOU Béatrice 2000). While many producers worked to create this service, INPI created one of the most versatile Minitel sites when they launched 3617 Euridile. Euridile stood out and maintained regular users because of its competitive data transmission rates (FOENIX-RIOU Béatrice 1996). Euridile also stood out from the other services as one of the most regularly updated and easy-to-use sites. Many articles written about the Euridile service emphasized that the site was often improved by the producers. One article written by FOENIX-RIOU Béatrice in 1996 personified the site, writing that Euridile “feels the need, on a regular basis, to have a makeover, by adorning herself with new products or services, often very attractive.” The attractive innovation kept Euridile as a popular service amongst Minitel users. One example of Euridile’s need for innovation was In 1999; Euridile was the first site updated to allow ordering of digitized parts and other companies quickly followed suit. Even before that, Euridile had updated continuously and become a platform for real estate.

After some updates, when Euridile became especially useful in helping users find real estate property the site really thrived. The information was produced by Directorate General of Taxes, the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry (EFOENIX-RIOU Béatrice 1998) . All of the information was updated annually. The service provided two types of real estate data: unblocked (plots) or private properties (premises). Unblocked properties included woods, railroads, and pastures. Private properties included apartments, motorways, houses, and swimming pools (EFOENIX-RIOU Béatrice 1998). Dialing into 3617 Euridile service and then searching for the property would provide information on the property owner’s name and number, the property type, and address. All of the information necessary and helpful to the purchasing of property in France.

By 1998 Euridile had been around for a decade and had information on over 2 million owners, over 12 million plots, and over 10 million premises (EFOENIX-RIOU Béatrice 1998). Euridile became a versatile site where users could find data on properties and financial information on companies in many different ways. Customers could search on Euridile using a Siren number, company name, or search for a specific property. However, the Siren number might not have been as useful because a person could register themselves multiple times with different information registered under the same number. In this case, the service would allow a choice to view the records of the company or the assets. INPI became somewhat of a trendsetter in the business of selling financial information. Near the year 2000 Euridile was still very popular and had to not only compete with other French services but also the Web that was advancing quickly in this time (FOENIX-RIOU Béatrice 2000). The Web could compete with the Euridile service because Minitel required layout work to present a document well. Despite this, Euridile was still providing information at competitive prices that kept the site afloat until Minitel’s eventual shutdown.



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