Bored Ape Yacht Club: Cryptos Exclusive Craze

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Bored Ape Yacht Club: Cryptos Exclusive Craze

The NFT craze was kicked off with the Crypto Punk Club, and shortly thereafter cemented in mainstream media with the Bored Ape’s.  The collection of Ape NFT’s were minted in April 2021, by Yuga Labs.  Made up of 10,000 ape NFT’s the collection boasts over 170 traits yielding different and increasingly rare combinations of ape traits.  Living on the Ethereum Blockchain each was originally valued at .08 ETH.   A friend of mine, whose Opensea account is known as “Lil Dicky”, with hash code ID 0x2191d33cf660d97e25d52dc18da470b236e51603, purchased an ape in early August 2021, for 13 ETH.  His ape, and its unique combination of traits, is shown below, and linked here.

            As mentioned, each of the traits has a “rarity factor.”  Below is a screenshot of the properties the ape has and their rarity.

            Having the party hat is obviously and incredibly rare trait, and frankly, very humorous meme-ish one to have on a bored looking ape.  Moreover, using we can see that Lildicky’s ape is the 1,581st most rare ape out of 10,000.  Opensea lists the highest offer for the NFT at 39.26 ETH, or approximately $170,431.  This is almost twice as expensive as when Lildicky bought the ape, give or take some appreciation by ETH.  According to my friend Lildicky, values for the ape NFT’s were at their absolute highest shortly after the “Bored Ape Yacht Club” announced that every wallet owner of an ape would receive a newly minted “mutant ape”.

            The mutant ape, shown below, looks just as one would imagine.  It is a very strange version of the “bored ape”, with the mostly the same set of features including the mutant party hat, cigarette, and tuxedo shirt.  Once again, the party hat is the rarest feature, but the rarity factors vary slightly. 

The Bored Ape Yacht club to my knowledge, is the only NFT collection to begin flexing its power in the non-digital world.  According to Lildicky “Ape Fest” occurred two weekends ago in New York city.  The event included a rave-style warehouse party in Brooklyn, and would not be complete without a Yacht Party overlooking NYC.  This information was in part corroborated by Input Mag who wrote, “Ape Fest 2021 will culminate with an extravagant “warehouse” party in Brooklyn featuring surprise appearances by Lil Baby, the Strokes, Questlove, Beck, Chris Rock, and Aziz Ansari.”  Other celebrities confirmed to own apes include, “Steph CurryLil BabyJimmy Fallon, and Post Malone all hold apes”.  The Bored Ape club has evidently evolved into one of the country’s most exclusive crypto clubs, party scenes, and culture icons, evident by the below tweet showing us a peak of the lifestyle. 

Jump over to for plenty more examples of the Bored Ape Yacht Club entering mainstream society, as it takes form as a modern day “punk vibe”.

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