Woman #1920

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Woman #1920

Above is a picture of an NFT otherwise known as “Woman #1920”. This NFT is a part of a collection known as World of Women and it is the most expensive NFT in the collection (OpenSea). Specifically, this NFT sold for $124k on 10-23-2021 to a user by the name of JExcell (net-stats). 

World of Women is a collection of NFTs designed to show off unique, cool, and diverse Women. This collection was designed to bring diversity and inclusiveness into the NFT space. It also had a goal to bridge the gap between collectibles and single edition art worlds (net-stats). The World of Women collection was launched in the Ethereum blockchain on July 27th, 2021. All the NFTs in the collection were created and illustrated by Yam Karkai (World of Woman). World of Women is designed to empower women in art and with every purchase, they donate a portion of their sales back to 3 causes: She’s the First (supports local solutions to educate and empower girls), Too Young to Wed (fights against the barbaric practice that is child marriage), and Strange Cintia (who is a member of the community who needs help fighting ME/CFS). They believe that crypt art is a highly male-dominated space, so by bringing in diversity and inclusion into NFTs they hope to help solve this problem. (World of Woman)


We can see how Woman #1920 is a rare image. Specifically, the trait “Night Goddess” is extremely rare with only 0.85% of all NFTs in the collection having this trait. Between that and all of the other characteristics the women in the picture have it makes for a fairly rare NFT in the collection.

(World Of Woman)

We can see here how many options fall into each category. For example, there are 27 types of clothing so the odds that one of the woman has a rare type of clothing on is higher. Whereas there are only 7 types of lip colors so the odds that a Women has a rare color decrease across all the NFTs. (World of Woman).

Another important thing to note about the Woman of World NFTs is that they are sold out. all 10,000 NFTs have been produced and sold. Yet they are about to release a new surplus of art in Season 3 of their collection.

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