Gronk’s NFT Collection

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Gronk’s NFT Collection

Gronks full NFT collection

NFT’s have become the newest form of investment on the online marketplace and many people are getting involved. These non-fungible tokens can be sold on different blockchains and be auctioned at unreasonable prices. These pieces of digital artwork cannot be copied, and individuals can have complete ownership. This new phenomenon has sparked many people wanting to get involved. Specifically, celebrities are entering this market and creating their own NFT collection. They are accumulating wealth at a fast rate with this online marketplace. These NFT’s allow celebrities to create their own digital artwork and auction off for any price they may feel suits the token. These NFT’s are serving as a way for celebrities to connect with their fanbases. With these large fanbases, it allows the tokens to sell at faster and higher rates.

Rob Gronkowski is just one of many celebrities who have decided to get involved with NFTs. This NFL star created his own NFT collection back in March 2021 and was a quick success. He was one of the first athletes to start a collection causing many athletes to follow in his direction. His collection is minted on the Ethereum blockchain and sold on the OpenSea marketplace (Gronk NFT). His collection serves as a series of trading cards and are each signed by Gronk. The NFT’s are designed by having a large cover photo of him either playing or celebrating during his games. The cards range from him playing with the Patriots and playing with the Buccaneers. His signature is at the bottom corner of each token and the date of the image is at the top. These cards resemble the layout of trading cards. Some tokens hold more value than others based upon the design. Gronk has 4 unique NFT’s that have a total of 87 editions each. These four have a different photo and year of him playing. His last token in his collection is a single edition of his four Super Bowl titles. This special edition card has images from each Super Bowl, and “Four-Time Champion” written at the top (Young). This token holds much greater value than the other NFT’s in his collection. He was able to sell his collection for 830 Ether or 1.6 million dollars ( Benson). He was able to sell his collection quickly and it sparked interest in a large portion of his fanbase.

His NFT collection serves as an online form of trading cards and could be the future of trading cards. These cards hold high value based upon the athlete and year of production. Since many things are transitioning into digital forms, trading cards are also being adopted. They would be a part of the collectible marketplace and hold the same high values as the paper ones. These NFT’s will allow athletes to digitally sign their autographs and connect with their fanbases at a more frequent level. It will also allow the name and image of the athlete to grow.

The production of NFT’s hold many similarities and differences between paper trading cards. Both the digital and paper version only have one copy and cannot be replicated. NFT’s allow for complete ownership and no additional copies to be made. While there are exceptions of NFT’s having multiple editions, the tokens are not the exact same and are not copies. Both the digital and paper cards hold value to having just one copy which allows for the card to be sold at high auctioned prices.

NFT’s have become the next big form of investment on the online marketplace and celebrities are the ones who can easily benefit. This form of digital artwork has created so much value over time and is starting to become the newest version of collectible items. This market will continue to grow and create opportunities for different creators.


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