Paris Hilton’s NFT Influence

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Paris Hilton’s NFT Influence

One of the first celebrities to majorly promote cryptocurrency was the socialite Paris Hilton. She was quick to recognize the benefits of the system in the 2010s and Hilton invested in both bitcoin and ether (way before either was worth very much). Even now, Paris Hilton is very enthusiastic in her support of NFTs and crypto in general.

Hilton has had an impressive history with cryptocurrency and recently extended her knowledge to NFT releases. Back in 2016/2017, she and Floyd Mayweather made multiple headlines as some of the first celebrities to support crypto. Earlier this year, she changed her profile picture to include laser eyes like many other famous supporters of bitcoin signifying the hopes that bitcoin value would continue to rise to upwards of $100,000.

Recently, Paris has also worked in collaboration with artist Blake Kathryn on 3 new NFT artworks. Hilton seems to have plans to launch more in the future focusing on other media. For now, the NFTs that are available focus on digital art, and in the future, she plans to explore music and memorabilia.

Taking a look at these artworks by Blake Kathryn, Hilton’s sparkly pink persona definitely shines through. The three pieces “ICONIC CRYPTO QUEEN”, “HUMMINGBIRD IN MY METAVERSE”, and “LEGENDARY LOVE” are 3D drawings with pastel pinks, purples, and blues. They portray fantasy-like imagery of a pink metallic wonderland.  My favorite of the bunch is “ICONIC CRYPTO QUEEN” a portrait directly inspired by Hilton’s likeness though it doesn’t look exactly like her. Instead, it looks more like a robotic representation of Hilton. This is likely intentional to add to the futuristic and fantasy theme that Hilton’s NFTs have and the connotation cryptocurrency brings as a futuristic technological advancement.

Hilton is not wrong in naming her robotic portrait Iconic Crypto Queen. She is one of the first celebrities to support cryptocurrency and has done so throughout the years, breaking away from the “blonde bimbo” persona that launched her career in the 2000s. Hilton is very well versed in the crypto world and has spoken on the progression of cryptocurrency and NFTs on numerous occasions. Her enthusiasm for it has without a doubt contributed a lot of the “hype” around Ethereum and blockchains in general, so I think she deserves the credit she gives herself in this image.

The next image, “HUMMINGBIRD IN MY METAVERSE” is, in my opinion, the most beautiful of the three NFTs portraying a wonderfully pink planet. I hope to see more artistic NFTs in her collections similar to this one. The Final NFT in this collection is called LEGENDARY LOVE. It’s a three-dimensional model of a pink almost metallic dog statue. Representing her “legendary love” for dogs as she has had many, many dogs. This is an especially interesting piece because of the two dogs she’s named after cryptocurrency: Crypto Hilton and Ether Reum.

Overall, I generally appreciate the work Hilton has put in to help the general public understand NFTs and crypto and I think it’s so interesting that this is something she has focused on in the last couple of years or so to promote to fans. There is no shortage of interviews by her defining her collections of NFTs, educating readers on the purpose of NFTs, and how to go about understanding developments in crypto. Most interestingly, Hilton has become an advisor on an Ethereum project called Origin this year. Something that those who would underestimate Hilton might not expect from her.

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