The WALTZ collection by Sunflower Industries

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The WALTZ collection by Sunflower Industries

Generative art is a process in which new colors, shapes, or designs are created on a digital canvas by an algorithm that functions autonomously. By doing this, artists (rather, writers of these algorithms) are able to produce unique pieces that provide a level of sophistication that contributes to the generative-art NFT market.

When buyers “mint” a new artwork, a unique “seed” randomly generates using the original code that creates the artworks. The seed sets the initial variables needed to create that specific work of art. Then the code, or script, paired with the variables are stored on the Ethereum blockchain forever, thus eternal and indestructible and permanent.

WALTZ dropped on September 7th, 2021 and was announced on Twitter.

The “WALTZ” collection, the genesis artwork on Sunflower Industries, is an example of a generative-art collection that is fully on-chain. Comprised of a random assortment of randomly shaped and colored petals dancing, WALTZ dropped on September 7, 2021. Originally, it was priced at 0.044 ETH per artwork, but as a means to spread awareness about the platform, the creator made WALTZ free to mint. I originally minted the first and second WALTZ pieces for 0.044 ETH each, not including the gas fees. As WALTZ was getting more and more hype from crypto NFT users on Twitter, I was offered 0.5 ETH for each piece. However, WALTZ holders were encouraged not to sell due to the community aspect of what Sunflower Industries was planning to do.

WALTZ #1 owned by me
WALTZ #2 also owned by me

In the Sunflower Industries community, WALTZ NFTs are used as voting chips, where users can vote however many times (based on how many NFT pieces you hold) on certain collections that the community would like to endorse on social media and within the Discord community. This ensures that the endorsed collections are not questionable, and that there is a higher chance that the valuation of each piece will go up. However, anyone can post their art on the Wild West section of Sunflower Industries.

The Wild West section of Sunflower Industries, where users can upload whatever artwork they want to create, whenever.

WALTZ founder and CEO of the platform actively runs the Sunflower Industries Twitter account as well as the Sunflower Industries Discord channel where WALTZ holders can vote on community curated art pieces that are endorsed by the platform. They also host giveaways on Twitter, where they gift artworks they’ve accumulated via artists dropping collections on the platform to their followers. The platform encourages freedom to create NFT art collections without needing to overcome hurdles to put up one’s art on the Ethereum blockchain. Platforms like Art Blocks and Rarible require you to get verified in order to put your art on the platform.

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