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Throughout time we have experienced many different changes to the internet. For example, I believe that the internet will never be the same due to the Covid – 19 pandemic. The pandemic opened the flood gates for the surge in the use of digital technologies. Many companies and individuals had to figure out a way to continue to stay in business and please their customers in order to generate money for their product or business. When the pandemic hit, internet services saw a rise in usage from 40% to 100%. Today, we have seen these numbers die down, but I still strongly believe that the pandemic will have an impact on the internet forever.

One invention that can dramatically change the way the internet works is the personal homing headset. This headset allows you to control anything you want in your house. Once you purchase this device, all you need to do is connect it to your Wi-Fi and boom, you are all set to get started. Another feature this headset will allow you to do is that you would be able to control your smartphone with your mind. Once you put on the headset it will automatically connect to your brain. The personal homing headset will be like no other homing system on the market. This product has sleek design and will attract many customers.

 However, this headset could be difficult to produce. We would need to find people with experience in the field of science and it will cost a lot of money to make this product as well. It will most likely be difficult for older people to have interest in this headset because they might think that it is very complicated, but we have a solution for that. Once the customer opens the box, there will be an instruction manual that will take you and help you through the steps to correctly set up the headset. Also, another feature we implemented into the device is voice recognition. This will add a level of privacy and comfortability for the customer as well. Although our product doesn’t sound so easy to understand, we will try and make it as simply as possible for our product to appeal to everyone. Another difficulty about this product is that it will have to be priced at a high price at first in order to pay for the production. Over time, we will try and find a solution to lower the price to attract more customers.

My team and I would like to market the headset big time. We will create advertisements promoting our headset and put them everywhere for customers to see. The aspect of consumption is who is buying this product? In other words, who is our target market? I would like to think our target market are people who are wealthy and can afford this product. I believe that the circuit of culture can help our invention tremendously. Also, I think it’s a great check list to have when you are developing a new product. Personally, I would purchase this headset because it will make my life much easier. It will allow me to do things I thought that would never be possible.

The personal homing headset will revolutionize the future of the internet forever. I strongly believe that our product will have what it takes to stay in the market and become a must buy product in the years to come.

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