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H-Series Smart Watch

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H-Series Smart Watch

In the near future, one improvement that could drastically change the functions and usage of the Internet would be the introduction of the H-Series smart watch. The H-series will be an extremely high-tech watch that will mimic some of the qualities of the apple watch just with a few improvements. The watch will have a rectangular shape and will come with the first ever hologram system ever created. This watch will allow you to connect with friends and family like never before as you can see their entire bodies pop up right in front of your face from anywhere in the world. It was also able to pair up with your iPhone and can access all the same apps your phone can as well track your steps and recovery for the day. There are many new watches that are continuously being released but the H-series will be like no other and the holographic technology will hopefully interest many customers. But releasing this product could be a little difficult as we will need computer scientists and tech geniuses in order to come up with the holographic technology. Also, many people in the older generation might not want to buy the watch as they might not be able to figure out how to use it. The goal would be to make it as simple and easy to use as possible in order to reach all our consumers no matter their age. The H-series will be placed at a price where it would be on the upper end of the smart watch market, but we will try our best to lower production costs and get the price lower. It will be easily affordable for most the people who are already buying or have bought any of the recent smart watches Although, the goal of this technology would be to reach a greater consumer base so this technology could grow and eventually be used throughout the internet. This watch will also be heavily marketed around the world with television ads, newspaper ads, pop ups on computers and phones, as well as billboards in all the big cities. The plan is to get as many people talking about and interested in the H-series as possible.

One way to help do this would be to look at the circuit of culture which is a five-step checklist in order to make sure that your product could be relevant in today’s market. It hits on 5 main topics that are all important for new innovations such as consumption. The idea of consumption is basically your target market or who you are trying to get your product to and how you’ll be able to do it. It is helpful to look at the circuit of culture in order to determine what else you need to do as a producer to make your product successful. But, if this H-series watch performs like I think it will the internet could never be the same. Holographic technology could take off with the introduction of text messages floating in midair all the way to football games playing out in front of your face. The growth for this market could be unmatched and could really change the way people view and use the internet. Although it could have some negative effects on people’s eyesight and free time as this technology could cause people to be on their devices more and just stare at holograms all day. There is no research on how holograms could hurt your well-being or mental state so some research would have to be conducted. Overall, I think the H-series smart watch and holographic technology could be an invention that could change the future forever.

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