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In today’s world, the internet has become such a huge platform for this generation of people. It has quite literally taken over the lives of people and has provided us with unimaginable forms of resources. Within today’s society individuals are consumed by technology, that they will do anything to get behind a screen and escape the real world. Within 50 years time, the consumption of technology will only increase and it has only just begun. We are seeing things already in today’s society that are completely innovative and futuristic. Which brings me to my invention, I-LIFE. My invention could quite honestly change the world in all sorts of ways. I-LIFE will be a Virtual Reality concept that will give you the freedom to put on the virtual lenses and jump into a whole new world. 

I-LIFE is a new application that will allow you to escape the real world and bring you on a journey into another world. Like stated before, people nowadays are so technology driven that they will go to extreme measures to jump into a new world. My application will allow you to create an avatar and walk in the very world we live in and do what your mind desires. This application could also read your mind in a way that can put what you are thinking onto the lens and create endless possibilities. 

Not only will I-LIFE provide you with just simply walking around in a Virtual Reality state but it can quite possibly be used in any way possible. For example, if you enjoy sports you can get the comfort of not leaving your home for practice and simply just finding open space and doing what you love from the comfort of your home. This opportunity can even benefit the people who can’t physically do what they want or even the unfortunate that are injured, they can use this application to stay healthy and ready to go. 

With companies expanding, this application can greatly benefit their content in any way imaginable. With the great minds we live with today, quite anything is possible and could create game changing inventions that could change how we do things in today’s society. The future is very bright if my I-Life is to be set in motion. 

Human lives are greatly improved by this application because it gives them opportunities that they might not have in the real world. For example, with the cost of sports being at a complete high, it is hard for parents to come up with the money to enroll their children into sports. With my application coming into play it can allow children to not only enroll into one sport but many. With the wide variety of content for my application, any sport is accessible. This application will not only focus on sports or simply walking around but quite honestly anything, from cooking to any of your daily habits, it will provide you with unlimited practice that can help you in the real world. Although this application can create endless opportunities, it could also create bad habits of simply not going out into the real world. For some people that are so technologically focused, they might miss the point and be completely oblivious to the real world. With all the fun this application can offer, it could be hard to resist the temptation of getting out of the house and getting active. 

Overall, I-LIFE can benefit many companies and innovators. The sky’s the limit with this application because it can be innovated in any way imaginable. As stated, with the great minds in today’s world, anything is possible and can quite honestly change the way we do things. 

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