Consumption: New Era of golfing

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Throughout the internet’s 60-year history, it has made breathtaking strides as it 

constantly changes and innovates. The internet began in the 1960s and was utilized as a way for government researchers to share information. It is now everywhere and available to anyone. The internet adapts to the world around itself. Take the app zoom for example, during 2020, the covid pandemic hit the world forcing everyone to stay in their homes. Since nobody could leave their houses, and students needed to learn, an app was created by Eric Yuan so that teachers could meet with their students via the internet and teach. The app continues to succeed even now that the pandemic is almost gone and students are back at school. Although the internet has come a long way, it still has a long way to go. The internet survives and thrives as it is able to instill knowledge into people, lets them communicate while being thousands of miles away, has given jobs to millions of people, and much more. 

As stated earlier, the internet still has a long way to go. For example, an innovation could change the way of golfing and could help the average golfer shoot significantly lower scores. On the tour, golfers are prohibited from using technology on the course to see how far they are away from the pin, the slopes on the green, the slopes on the fairway, etc. However, it is not prohibited for the average golfer who wants to go to their course and impress their friends by knowing exactly where they are away from the pin and know the exact putting line. As a result, the player will shoot lower scores and will beat their friends on the course. There are currently plenty of apps on the internet for golfers that show the layout of each hole they are playing, they show how far you are away from the center of the green and allows you to input each of your rounds, and will create a handicap for you. The technology is already almost there. This new application will help to improve any golfer’s game even more. The app will include where the wind is coming, and how fast it is going, as a result, it will give you a line of where to aim your shots to set yourself up best for your next shot. Often golfers think they hit a great drive, but end up with an extremely hard downslope shot on the fairway. The app will help you, as it shows the slopes on the fairway, and shows the best spot to make the best score on the hole. Although the app can help to show what line you should be aiming towards, no golfer is perfect, a golfer could heel his shot and end up in a situation where he could either try to hit a difficult shot to either get a good score or more likely hit a poor shot and end up with a double or triple bogey. For the application, every time a golfer puts himself into a spot where they could either layup or go for it, the application will help make the decision based on previous results from the golfer. Although people hate to lay up, the app will help them make the decision and end up with a better score. Overall, the application is going to make you a better golf player and will help you to beat and take some money from your friends. For future innovations to the internet to work, it must take into account the circuit of culture, the circuit emphasizes production, representation, identity, regulation, and most importantly consumption. Consumption is the audience that you are trying to persuade to use your innovation and how it will benefit them. In this case, the application will be consumed by any golfer who wishes to shoot lower scores and help them find success around all facets of the golf course. As previously stated, this app can change the way golf is played and overall will make you look like a course member at any course you decide to play.

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