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Culture of the internet 

A bold prediction I have for the next 10 years of the Internet I believe we will have neuro chips implanted in the brain. Yes, not everybody will agree, and I think this will cause a big upset. People think it’s harmful, But I believe in the future, it is the future. All the things you could do, being able to just think about a thought and get the result is revolutionary, say get a Google search out of it And It automatically is registered in your brain is revolutionary. This will not be a first trial success, It will not be a one-year success either, It’ll take years and years for one developer too Perfect This invention. for the people to Understand that it’s for the greater good. Another example of it being for the greater good is wars, Say the states were the only ones to have neural link soldiers, that could be very, very Tactical in the way we fight wars. Communication could have no Use of earpieces; you could think about what your other soldiers thinking So stealth would be another option where it wasn’t possible before. to the Internet, for jobs, Jobs could be done smoother And faster, Without having to type, And read as it automatically is implanted into your brain could bring this world so many different opportunity’s that we don’t even know about. The biggest problem Would again be the people around the globe Thinking It’s not safe. No matter what you do, there will always be haters, but you must stick to that idea and believe it’s good for humanity. The limitation to this is, we just don’t have the technology yet. We haven’t done enough research; we haven’t done enough testing. it is starting to be in the talk of the greater minds in this world. But to reach the great potential of this Device Would be exponential In this world today. Nobody is using neural. Implants in the brain That is known To the main media and of my knowledge. If nero transplants Become a trend I think it’s a game changer for this world. The consumption of the item will be like nothing we’ve ever seen before. The smartphone won’t even be able to compete. How much potential the Nero chips have is out of this world And parting with this device can be like your second half. You will rely on it, it will be a tool, and it will be your greatest tool. As for paying for this? Yes, the product would  come in two parts. The chip itself and the surgery for the implant. Efforts are expensive and only for the upper class, I assume they will be able to retrieve these, But as time goes on People more and more around the globe will see the use of it and invest, as it becomes more popular, The cost will go down. I assume there will be checkup appointments to make sure The chip is Processing and doing its job correctly, That will probably be a yearly thing. the Service to the item is also relatively low. The future of the Internet if this happens Calling a spade, a spade, you will be the Internet. If this neural link Happens to way the I believe it will With you being able to access any site Any information with just the thought on your mind Instant information, People will become smarter More intelligent, be able to reciprocate more information With the storage space being unlimited. Being able to get lost memories back aswell. You will be able to. Just think about it. A human state of life will be easier which is what people want. tasks of Waking up in the morning and wondering How is the weather A quick thought Will take to the Internet And you will know within seconds of waking up, just a simple question. The risk? Trial and error. I believe people will Pass away do too Not enough knowledge to this Idea Being We must implant Object That are not part of your Body to the brain Which isn’t Super Smart idea, knowing the past And the Frankenstein effect. the pros to the idea of are Too high not to explore. For the greater good of humanity. I would hope people would want Nero chips implanted into at least 80% of Canadians (where I’m from). Because that would make My country where I’m from Smarter Tactically And more efficient than any Country in this world, with that be able to Unravel any task At any given moment. With just the blink of a thought.

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