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Particles! BBS

Before the Internet took over the world, there was a platform where many people would be able to connect with others. This platform was called bulletin board systems, also known as BBS. A BBS was a patchwork of local networks to chat, get news, share files, and learn about computer programming. “Logging into a popular BBS could feel like stepping into an electronic nightclub. You were visiting a real place with real people, personality, and vibe” (Driscoll, The Modern World, 2). Driscoll is explaining how cool and exciting BBS could be to some people. Also, he is explaining how friendly and inviting BBS can be. I would have loved to have this platform when I was a kid. It would have been so cool to interact with others through BBS.  In Kevin Driscoll book, The Modern World, Driscoll mentions two individuals, Paul Martin, and Dave Tieman. These two men ran Dragon Keep International. Dragons Keep International was known as a BBS. “By 1994, their BBS had grown into a lively community serving more than four thousand members from around the city. Every night, dozens of people dialed in from their home PCs to chat, trade files, play games, read the forums, and post messages of their own” (Driscoll, The Modern World, 1-2). This quote from The Modern World, explains how much potential BBS had back in the day and how popular BBS was by 1994.

The BBS I have chosen to talk about is called Particles. Particles has been around since the beginning. The Particles BBS is a retro themed BBS and stilling running on retro based software as well. Particles decided to stick around even after the internet popped off because they loved the idea of being called “retro”. The Particles BBS slogan is “We’re so old We’re Retro”. Personally, I love retro concepts. Retro games, shoes, clothing. I love them all. So, when I was researching about BBS, and came across Particles, I knew I had to talk about this BBS. Particles was discovered May 25th, 1992, on a Commodore 64. After many of changes to the BBS, the operators decided to go back to the style from the 1990s in 2005. It is opened 24 hours a day and has more than 70,000 files that you can download and 60 online games. You can also have a retro conversation on this BBS as well. Another cool thing about this BBS is that it has a retro Usenet feed, and you can view messages like they are from 1984.

There are many identities associated with the Particles BBS. One of the identities that is associated with Particles is that it is a retro themed BBS. So, this will imply that the many individuals who use or used this BBS love that retro feel to the BBS. Many people use this BBS to have a functional conversation with other people, play online games, and downloading files. The culture and identity of the Particles BBS is that they depend on the retro like person to use their BBS. I would love to use this BBS because I consider myself a retro like person. I always say to myself “I was born in the wrong era”. I listen to retro like music from the 80s and 90s and I sometimes buy retro shoes that was popular in the 80s and 90s. I just generally think I would have had a great time living in the era that Particles started in. I believe that the culture that the Particles BBS shows is a great culture. I think that them having the courage to still produce a BBS that has a retro like feel and during this day in age is mind blowing. In order for them to still produce this BBS, the team must have a strong culture.

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