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Koleton Marquis

6 October 2022

Kyle Stine

Cultural History Of The Internet

Sideline Swap

The circuit of culture is a tool to evaluate if something is an object of culture. Circuit of culture talks about five huge components that include representation, identity, production, consumption, and regulation. How objects are identified and represented is what the circuit of culture talks about including the production, consumption, the value of distribution and the regulation. All of these elements make it easier to understand how culture affects society in many ways. Regulation includes laws that are upheld by authorities. It also deals with what actions a company can take to ensure who uses their product, who can access their product, what products are being used, and the distribution of said products. Without regulation, there would be little to no organization on both a producer and consumer level. 

Sideline Swap is a platform in which athletes can purchase, trade, and exchange information about both new and old sporting goods. Sideline Swap was created in 2012 by a man named Brendan Candon whose vision was to supply athletes all across the country with high-end used sports equipment. Sideline Swap is an easy and affordable app that many users can have access to with. Sports across the board from lacrosse, hockey, football, baseball, golf, etc. From equipment used in all aspects of the sport, Sideline has it all, from all brands, sizes, colors, the venue is endless. Even with gear that hadn’t been produced or just hadn’t been made in years, Sideline Swap will have it.

Sideline Swap has been a safe and secure app for almost a decade now. However, this is not the result of respectable consumers solely using the platform. Sideline Swap, like any other enterprise, has to enforce restrictions on their platform for users to follow in order to keep the app a positive and professional trading market. Some of the restrictions put out for Sideline Swap are quite simple yet effective. Because Sideline Swap does not require a fee for users to sign up and browse equipment, other forms of restrictions must be put in place. In order to create a profit feedback, Sideline Swap charges fees dependent on transactions affected by sellers and buyers using the app. These fees regulate a sort of income that can be produced by any and all trades made on Sideline Swap. 

Other restrictions take form in what a seller is allowed to post. Anything that is deemed “unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, excessively violent, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, libelous, invasive of another‘s privacy, hateful racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable” is unacceptable within the site. The following actions when committing these violations will result in suspension or termination depending on the severity of the case. When agreeing to Sideline Swap policies, any suspected abusive, fraudulent or illegal acts can also result in termination and may have big problems with enforcement authorities. Sideline Swap preaches a safe and professional service. 

Sideline Swap is reputable for the positive output of their products, including equipment that is used but still well maintained. To uphold this good representation Sidine Swap regulates what products sellers can post for other consumers. Sideline Swap has standards for the equipment they allow to be sold, which include products ranging from brand new to slightly used, but still in good condition. However, although Sideline Swap does have these restrictions, unfortunately there are sellers that can lie about the products they are selling, which could be seen as a lack of a regulation on Sideline Swap’s part.

All of these major restrictions put together help to keep Sideline Swap up and running and a healthy platform for aspiring athletes who may not be able to buy first hand products due to increased cost. Without these regulations, the company would not be as reputable and helpful for those wishing to decrease their overall costs. And like Sideline Swap, any other company or enterprise, whether it be through an online subscription or not, needs to have some sort of regulation to keep order and be successful. 

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