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Lacrosse is a fast and physical sport that is rapidly growing today. In the professional world of sports lacrosse is not as popular as other sports. Such as football, basketball, and baseball. A player and graduate from Johns Hopkins University created the Premier Lacrosse League. Also known as the PLL. The PLL has been around for 4 seasons now and is doing a tremendous job growing the game. The player’s name was Paul Rabil. Paul was a standout lacrosse player and graduated from Johns Hopkins in 2007.

When looking up “Why is lacrosse” on three different search engines, some of the same suggestions appeared. The three search engines I used was Microsoft Bing, Yahoo and Google. Yahoo had the most different suggestions between the three search engines. Although Yahoo had some outliers, the general suggestions for each search engine were similar. Some of the most popular suggestions when looking up “why is lacrosse” were so expensive, a good sport, so popular on the east coast. These results could be suggested because of the reputation of the sport. The reputation of lacrosse can be also referred to the component of the circuit of culture known as representation. The representation of the sport is what matters the most. Personally, I think that lacrosse has a good representation around the world and is getting popular each and every day. Throughout all these results, I did not see any bad or terrible results when looking up “Why is lacrosse”. I saw results like a good sport, the best sport, popular, and fun. These results show how people around the world are starting to realize that lacrosse is growing and hopefully will become a popular professional sport.

The search engine results we see when looking up “Why is lacrosse” are solely based on how the public views the sport. As a lacrosse player, I am extremely happy when looking at these results and seeing how the public is starting to apricate the sport I love. In the book Algorithms of Oppression, written by Safiya Umoja Noble’s, she says “I suggest that something other than the best, most credible, or most reliable output is driving Google. Of course, Google Search is an advertising company, not a reliable information company”. Safiya is stating that these search engines we are using, are trying to catch the eye of the users by showing results that the users would want to see. Search engines do this because they want to gain the attention of the users. It is very important that these search engines provide the user with accurate results to whatever they are searching for.

For someone who wants to get involved into the sport of lacrosse, I think if they looked up “Why is lacrosse” they would be genuinely happy with the results that pop up on the screen. After them seeing these search engine results, this can lead to involvement in the sport. Such as watching professional games, playing the sport, and exposing other people they know to the sport.

There are several factors that go into someone’s search engine results. One of the most important factors is what the person has search up in the past. When looking up “Why is lacrosse” on these three search engines, I was extremely happy when I saw positive results on how the public supports the sport of lacrosse.

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