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Geocities was founded in 1994 and was where people would have the ability to make a website for free. Upon creating these websites, the creators would have the opportunity to choose which neighborhood their website would be a part of. These neighborhoods were related towards a theme. For example, some themes are “SouthBeach”, “SunsetStrip”, and “TimeSquare”. Geocities gained popularity in the late 1990s. The website became the third most visited site on the web. By this time, the neighborhoods on the website grew tremendously. Geocities began to have pages on just anything people could think of in the early 2000s. Geocities sites usually have bright colors and animated images all over the web page. Any business must prioritize money and power. Money and power are important factors to production of GeoCities. The host of the page had to pay for the space on the site. Eventually, GeoCities decided to offer the producer 2 free megabytes and charge them a monthly fee.

The website I decided to choose is called SuziQue’s Home Page. This page can be founded under the neighborhood known as “TheTropics”, created in August of 1995. The production of this web page can be also referred to the component of the circuit of culture known as production. Production in the circuit of culture simply means who making the thing –inventing it, fabricating it, reproducing it, distributing it, marketing it—and paying for all this labor/work and the people who do it. The producer of this page is named Susan. Susan is 47 years old and lives in Pittsburgh. She works in the corrections field as a nursing supervisor and has several different interests. Also, she loves dogs! She owned a dog named Bruno from 1991-2001. She described him as a beautiful brindle boxer. She now owns a new dog named Kelly that is a Lab-Shepard mix. She provides us with a comments page to drop her a line or make suggestions for her webpage. Susan loves the warm weather, and her dream is to live somewhere that is warm all the time like a tropical island. This is the reason why she created this page so she can make believe that she is in the tropics. This web design is very attractive. The music will change each time you reload this page. She includes a page where she lists some of the music. Such as, California Dreaming, Dancing Queen, and Dust In the Wind. Susan also provides us with links to her best friend’s web pages that she has met on the net. Another cool feature about Susan’s page is that there is a time clock with the accurate time running on the screen. The color of the web page is bright blue with bright white letters. This made the page standout to me compared to the others I came across. This page offers a cool and calm feel to viewers. Another aspect of the circuit of culture that can be related to Susan’s web page is identity. Susan’s identity is all over this page. In order for her to have a successful web page, she needs to express and show her identity.

The population that Susan is trying to reach are the people who have never been to a tropical island. The people who are using Susan’s site are probably people who dream of a tropical island. Producers like Susan can create web pages about whatever they want. That is why Geocities are so special to people.


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