Production: Lord Zarak’s Transformer Collection

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Koleton Marquis

7 November 2022

Kyle Stine

Cultural History Of The Internet


The circuit of culture is a tool that evaluates if something is an object of culture. The circuit of culture consists of five huge components that include representation, identity, production, consumption, and regulation. How objects are identified and represented is what the circuit of culture covers, including the production, consumption, the value of distribution and the regulation. All of these elements make it easier to understand how culture affects society in many ways. Regulation includes laws that are upheld by authorities. It also deals with what actions a company can take to ensure who uses their product, who can access their product, what products are being used, and the distribution of said products. Without regulation, there would be little to no organization on both a producer and consumer level. 

GeoCity is a web-browsing tool made for the people of the internet. This free and easy publishing website allows for people from all over to get online and share their preferred favorite topic of interest. GeoCity had started up in 1994, but then had to shut down in October of 2009.

The owner of GeoCity is an anonymous creator who goes under the alias Lord Zarak. Lord Zarak’s Transformers collection is truly unique. It contains toys, movies, and comics that the average collector doesn’t get to see everyday. Nonetheless, this website is to highlight both Lord Zarak’s collection and the hard work he has put into creating it. This website is for the entertainment of himself and to show off his collection. He aims to put content out there that hasn’t been seen and to make a unique website worth remembering.

The graphic designer for the web page is Lord Zarak himself, as he is a solo designer. This is obvious because all the content on the page belongs to him. He is an anonymous creator and wishes for his identity to continue being altered.

Although Lord Zarak has one of the most impressive Transformer collections, he has listed all of the rare toys not for sale. Rarely, they will be toys listed for sale and if they are, Lord Zarak will put a sign next to the item listing it “for sale”. With all the rare items he contains and the profit he could make, he remains to stay calm and not fall for any offers.

The identity of the users are the consumers who like Transformers. The Transformers franchise started in 1984 and quickly became a hit. From all ages, this became a popular toy, comic, and movie line many people became intrigued by. Every year, Transformers seemed to gain a larger scaled audience. Any fan of the franchise would enjoy this website as it provides many collectors items never before seen or that just are not available anymore. Because GeoCity was a very straightforward and easy-to-operate webpage, it is clear that many people enjoyed using and browsing through it. Not only that, but the webpage was nicely put together and up to date during its time. 

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