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Cultural History of The Internet

50 Cent is a famous and extremely popular rapper, he has made a huge impact on the culture of music and helps set the standard for young rappers. 50 is a male who is easily aggravated and doesn’t look for confrontation but has a lot in his past which sometimes the media takes out of proportion. Coming into the rap game as a gangster didn’t help his case, he’s been a gangster since a youth with no real parenting, so he raised himself with help from his grandparents so everything the internet has to say about him he’s had to handle with experience and go as it comes. He has an incredible story of a kid coming from nothing to one of the biggest names in the rap world, starring in the Superbowl halftime show just this year.

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Google search autosuggestions are more relevant information to what’s happening in his life from either the present, the high points of his career, or sections of his life. On yahoo from 50 Cent fans, they lean more toward the irrelevant piece example “why 50 Cent moved to Houston who cares you he could be anywhere in the world you still get his product through music. “Almost two-thirds of the time users spend online is focused on communication, information searching, entertainment or social networking” (Noble 153-153)this goes towards how 50 Cent moving to Houston has no relevance unless you know him personally, people in the modern world use their phones, or computers to look at their idols on television they don’t need to know where he lives, that’s just invasion of privacy. The trend is still kind of the same lots of “Beef” oriented talk which happens a lot in the music industry not just rap. I liked DuckDuckGo information more than yahoo results it gives you autosuggestions that a person who doesn’t follow his information that he or might care more deeply about, for example why 50 Cent’s net worth is decreasing, why 50 Cent doesn’t rap anymore and then the generic searches that the rest gave. To answer these in a short response rapping is for young people, people in their 20s know what’s hip and how to entertain modern people, and not rapping will slow down their income.Graphical user interface, website

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The first autosuggestion is “why 50 Cent hates his son” I follow 50 on social media and this has been the hot conversation around his name this past month. Marquise Jackson’s 50 Cents son has been on social media claiming his father doesn’t give him the time of day and Marquise has been going on his platforms saying ill buy my father’s love. Showing wats of cash which is going to create a story for Curtis James Jackson 3 (50 Cent). I’ve watched every 50 Cent movie and documentary I can find, and he was extremely independent and is making his son come up the same way because in his eyes he ended up just fine. Some kids especially in 2022 aren’t as “hard” as 50 is so that isn’t always a good way for a child to be raised. Being the hot topic on 50 today makes it number 1 on the search bar.

            Known to most of the public 50 Cent was shot 9 times he loves having the last laugh, so he made a song about it, and it went extremely viral. “Why 50 Cent was shot” was a very looked point in his career he was coming up hot in the rap game but was still involved in his gangster activities and a rival gang member didn’t like what he was doing, just rivals being jealous of his success and how they handle beef in the hood they fight it out and unfortunately ended with 50 being pulled up on by a gang member who shot him 9 times all through his body. 50 is known as a tough dude who survived the attack and took every day after that as a blessing and put his feet on the gas and boosted his rap career exponentially and dropped 2 albums back-to-back, so people see this point in his life before his turn up.

            Curtis got is known to men as 50 Cent most don’t even know his first name. the third autosuggestion is “why 50 Cent names”. Kevin martin’s nickname was 50 Cents, and he was a robber in the 1980s Curtis claims he’s just like him “I Provide for myself by any means”1.

By now you get the image that 50 Cent does well to this claim at 9 years old he was selling drugs to get what he needed to survive.

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Noble, Safiya Umoja. “6 The Future of the Information Culture.” Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism, New York University Press, 2018, pp. 153–153. 

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