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The advertisement is a combination of both pictures and words depicting the Apple 2 computer released in 1985. The advertisement is a reparation of a personal computer which illustrates the functions and necessity to entice parents to buy the Apple 2 for their kids. To start, the image is clearly showing that the Apple 2 is a small personal computer, which can fit on a crowded desk. In the early 1900s, many computers were viewed as big junky machines that needed to be manned by multiple people and would take up nearly an entire room. However, with the age of personal computers many companies emphasized the importance of how small the computer is, which is represented in the advertisement. As mentioned earlier the product is meant to show that a kid can use it for school work, which is why the computer screen has a musical score depicted on it. These small details all serve a purpose towards the advertisement as parents who read this article want their kid to be successful, and in order to be successful parents must get their kids an Apple 2. From the textbooks behind the Apple 2 to the coffee cup full of pencils on the far left of the advertisement, all of these features show a busy desk where the computer is still able to sit. Finally, another visual aspect of the advertisement is the dinner plate and glass of chocolate milk off to the right hand side. The visual advertisement is shown to be an opportunity for kids to work, even somewhere where the kids could eat dinner next to and get work done. Overall, the visual aspects represent a small personal computer which is a critical school supply if the parents want the kids to be successful. Within the article, more details and language is used to promote this idea to parents if they want their kids to be successful. This idea of parents wanting their kids to be successful and happy is a value that is still represented today in many advertisements, and was used before this advertisement as well. Within the first lines of the article it shows this idea by saying,  “So innocent youngsters (like your own) may have to fend off packs of bully nerds to get some time on a computer.” The language like “fend off” and “innocent youngsters” represents the idea of parents wanting to provide the most for their children and is inferring that if the parents do not get the Apple 2 for their child, then they will have to fight off bullies to even have a shot at using one in school. Despite the article representing a child and their desk, it is clearly targeted towards parents who. Another line towards the parents is the added benefit of SAT prep in the Apple 2. It states that it has everything from shapes for kindergarteners and SAT prep, showing its versatility for all ages in kids: not just older ones. A lot of parents want their kids going to the best college, and the Apple 2 is making a promise that kids will be able to increase their chances of getting in with the Apple 2. The use of certain words and phrases clearly illustrates the versatility of the Apple 2 to all ranges of kids, and tells parents that this is a must item at home in order to do well in school. Finally the ad also talks about the physical aspects of the computer, however not to the same degree an advertisement for a business would have. Instead of listing all the benefits, Apple chooses to represent only a couple that would not benefit a business but instead a family. The 14 inch color monitor as well as the gaming programs like Genetic Mapping are examples that represent fun for the entire family. Being able to use a personal computer for the entire family from school work to bonding over games, the Apple 2 is represented as the whole family package. In addition to targeting kids and parents, the company also uses key events like Christmas to increase the sales of this personal computer. Apple knew that if the representation of their advertisement in 1985 would be able to not only entice kids but also parents to get the product then advertisements during the holiday season would generate revenue. According to the “APPLE-COMPUTER-2; (AAPL) To expand Macintosh market with lower prices” published in business wire in 1986, Apples COO, Delbert W. Yocam highlights the necessity to expand the apple family by lowering prices for goods. By lowering the price on computers by 400 dollars, more families purchase these goods and increase the family of Apple. This family dynamic represented in the advertisement as wanting the best for one’s kids coupled with the lowered prices would generate more financial value for the company. Finally, Apple computers such as the Macintosh continued to break into new and different markets. While the previous examples showed personal computers used for small work and school, Apple continued to target new markets like lawyers. In 1988, Apple launched a three day show in which it illustrated the powers of Apple computers such as using programs like Timekeeper and LegalWare, a convenient legal time and billing system (“APPLE-COMPUTER-2; (AAPL) Apple showcases Macintosh-based legal solutions at the Association of Legal Administrators show”) . The use of language in this document represents a different market entirely, as school kids and parents have no use for templates of legal cases and billing hours, but lawyers do. Different markets need different representation, and the market in law differs quite heavily than the market for school kids. 

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