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Caleb’s Duke Page

Geocities was an opportunity for many people to break into the internet with creations of their own, personalized, websites. Consumption and identity both played roles in individual websites, and the overall website of geocities. Many different factors, like music, flashing lights, and the guestbook on many different websites represent the consumption part of the circuit of culture and it encourages people to create fun looking websites as well. This idea is illustrated in Caleb’s Duke Page, which is a fan-created page about the 1997-98 Duke men’s basketball season. 

Caleb’s, the creator of this page, identity is represented in many different ways on this page. To start, creating a page about Duke basketball shows that he holds this team very highly in his own personal identity and associates with the team. This can also be speculated that Caleb held other internal values that were expressed in the form of Duke basketball such as school spirit. To include topics like schedule, scores, and ranking compared to other schools show how he identifies with the school and the basketball team. In addition, sports create a community that people identify with and are able to connect people. These values of commardy, community, and sportsmanship can be shown in the guestbook. The guestbook was an opportunity for consumers, people who viewed the page, to become a creator and interact with other people who hold similar values and strengthen the community around Duke basketball. Jenn wrote on the guestbook, “Hi, great page! if i had the time, i would make one too, bc im like the biggest duke fan ever! thanks for supporting the blue devils!’ This quote shows how people who identify with values regarding school spirit, community and many others can come together over Caleb’s representation of his own identity with Duke basketball. Jenn may not have the time to create their own page, but Caleb’s page illustrates that people’s identities are represented through various websites, like Duke basketball. 

Consumption is another critical part to Geocities, as in the quote above we see how other people like Jenn want to create websites like this. The flashing blue lights and links to various other tabs regarding Duke basketball show how consumers wanted to create websites. Caleb’s intentions while creating this website was to reach a certain group of people: Duke students, alumni, NCAA basketball fans, blue blood program supporters, Durham residents, and even international basketball fans. Through the lens of one of these consumers, there are many interactive links that show identity, but incentives the consumer to stay on this particular geocitie. As mentioned above, the guestbook is a prime example of identity and consumption and the consumer is able to become a part of the community through signing the guestbook. Other aspects of the consumption are the links provided such as the Duke survey. These interactive features on the site are a way for the consumer to view the website in a different light compared to others. From past results to surveys regarding the team in previous years, to pictures of the team during games in the 1997-98 season, consumers have many ways to interact with this site. Ultimly, if one identifies with Duke basketball, then their identity will be represented in this website through various links that the consumer is able to use. 


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