A5 Production: Personal Creation on NeoCities

Assignment 5

Production: Personal Creation on NeoCities


  1. Sign up for a Neocities site at https://neocities.org/. The site is free, but I have a paid supporter’s account, and if you like using it, you might consider it, too.
  2. Create a website in HTML from the ground up using what you know about the days of GeoCities as inspiration. A variety of free tutorials exist to help you get started. Here are just a few: Mozilla, Codeacademy, W3Schools, and Web.dev. Explore and find what works best for your learning style. You can also jump right in and do a web search for each element you want to create (i.e., “create an HTML link” or “embed an image using HTML”), just like the early GeoCities explorers did before any of these tutorials existed. As far-end inspiration, check out this site from a student who took the class last year (before we even did a Neocities assignment): https://mermora.neocities.org/.
  3. Include at least one link, one image, one heading, and one block of text.
  4. All the rest is up to you!

Submitting Assignments

Submit a link to your site on Canvas.

Due November 10 by 5:00 p.m. EST.