Instructions for Blog Posts


For any post you submit to the blog, you will also submit a document to Blackboard, either as a Word, PDF, or text file. In this document, include a link to your blog post. All grading and comments will be on Blackboard.


The front page of the course website will feature previews of the most recent blog posts, as captured in the image below.


Blog posts should be labeled with a category. You can see how this work by visiting the Examples category. Each assignment has a unique category: Before the Internet, Minitel Services, Lost Sites, Security and Encryption, and NFTs. Select the corresponding category for the assignment by opening the Settings menu in the blog editor and checking the box next to the name under Categories (See the image on the left below.


For several of the blog assignments you will be required to include images. To have an image appear in the preview, you’ll want to add a “feature image” to your blog post.

To include a feature image, open the Settings menu, which will appear on the righthand side of the block editor. Under the Page tab, you’ll see an option for “Featured image.” Click “Select Image” and then “Media Library.” In the Media Library you will have the option to upload an image by selecting “Add new.”

Image Requirements

Your image should ideally be a JPEG. This file format is smaller than others and serves our purposes effectively. Before you upload any image, be sure it is a reasonable size. Smaller is better, and anything under 500 kB is optimal. Be careful if you’re taking screenshots on a 4K monitor because the image size can come out very large. In such cases, converting the PNG to JPEG can often resolve the issue.

WordPress recommends featured images be 1200 x 628 pixels, but the preview will automatically crop the image to these dimensions. That said, the closer the image is to this rectangular format, the better it will look in the preview.


All images should be attributed to a source, unless specified in an image database as requiring no attribution. (Sites such as Pixabay and Shutterstock specify attribution requirements for all images.) Anytime an image requires attribution, include a citation at the bottom of your post. In most cases a link to the original site should suffice. For our purposes, as education and scholarly research, screen captures from The Wayback Machine,, and other archived sites should fall under fair use. We’ll want to include a link to these important tools though.