Robotics Age: The 1984 Heath Educational Systems

Robotics Age Magazine was published from 1979 to 1986 and covered topics related to robots, vintage computers, and other relevant subjects. There was also a primary focus on future technology, some of which still hasn’t been developed today. This magazine gave readers an informational view of the world, showcasing patents, interviews, and new products. There…

Biggles – The Untold Story

Biggles – The Untold Story is an early computer game released during the success of its counterpart the Biggles movie that followed the life of a WWI British fighter pilot. It was initially developed for the Commodore 64, the highest-selling single computer model of all time according to history-computer. The magazine advertisement takes place inside…

Elon Musk’s “Blastar” for the Spectravideo – PC and Office Technology

The first thing that needs to be addressed when looking at this advertisement is that it simply isn’t eye-catching. There are no flashy designs, bright colors or standout graphics that stand out to the reader. In fact, the entire advert is simply black and white with basic geometric designs and is dominated by technical writing.…

Compute! Magazine – The Feeling of Football at Your Fingertips

The Feeling of Football at Your Fingertips When Electronic Arts released the first John Madden Football game in 1988 the standard for sports gaming was set to an all time high. Using the circuit of culture model, the representation of the game in this advertisement by Compute! magazine portrays important ideologies and principles the creators…


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This is the blog for the Cultural History of the Internet course at Johns Hopkins University. It features interconnected student projects on internet history and web ephemera.

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