Identity: The Untold Impact of Bulletin Board Systems in the Middle East

Preceding the World Wide Web and its evolution of the internet into what it is today,  people built virtual worlds and communities on their computers via bulletin board systems (BBSs). BBSs were run over telephone lines, so users accessed them by dialing up their intended BBS, incurring telephone service charges as a result. Because long-distance telephone

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BBS Computer

Identity: The 90’s Zoom Room

Today, most of all communication between friends, family, and peers is taken for granted. We can easily send emails and text messages back and forth with others for hours on end. In the early 1980s into the 1990s, a computerized bulletin board system (BBS) was created to send messages to other users and create social

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Identity: The Sybercom Bulletin Board System

Personally, I use the internet so often that it is almost considered a necessity for me, especially in terms of communication. Even though many of my friends could be reached through in-person talking, the internet has made communication much easier. However, the internet we know today is so much different compared to about 30 years

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